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Discover WellnessWins

With our innovative rewards programme, every day can be a win!

Why WellnessWins?

Improving your health is the best win there is, and WellnessWins sweetens the deal, delivering inspiration – and cool rewards – for the little steps you’ll take towards reaching your goals. As you earn more and more Wins, you’ll unlock higher tiers of rewards!

Why members love WellnessWins

WW member Kate tells us why she loves the WellnessWins rewards programme, and shows off her favourite reward.

Earn Wins for your healthy habits

The number on the scale is only one indicator of overall health; wellness is about building habits that last a lifetime. So now, you’ll be recognised and rewarded with credits – AKA “Wins” – for the healthy behaviours you do each day – like tracking your meals, activity, and weight.

You’ll also get personalised emails that show how many Wins you’ve racked up and offer encouragement if you need a boost.


It’s all included

WellnessWins is free with a WW subscription, and the WW app
does all the work. There’s nothing to sign up for, and nothing extra to buy.

How to get started:

1. Join WW today
2. Track a meal, activity, or your weight
3. Click on Journey to see your Wins
4. Give yourself a high-five!





Join WW today and start winning!