Weight loss & diet

Tracking tips and tricks

Tap into these tried-and-tested strategies for making tracking easy - it's the simplest, foolproof way to stay on track across the days and weeks ahead.

We asked our WW Coaches around the globe for the inside scoop on how members can make tracking easier. Turns out, no matter where in the world Coaches are, the same useful tips emerged. 

Try one of these tracking strategies and share how it goes on Connect or at your next Workshop.

1. Make your best guess

If you can't locate in the WW app the exact food or recipe you're eating, choose the most similar item you can find.

2. Plan ahead

If you're excited for an upcoming meal, track it early to see how you can fit it into your daily and weekly Budget, and how many rollovers you might need.

3. Take advantage of your app

Debating what to buy? Use the barcode scanner. Or enable the microphone on your phone for on-the-go tracking.

4. Take a picture

If you can't track in the moment, snap a pic of your plate to remind you what to enter later.

5. Track with curiosity

It's okay to have a high-SmartPoints day or use more weeklies than you'd planned. You'll get an idea of what you want to change or what should stay the same next time.

6. Spot habits

Look for patterns in your tracking over time to learn what you want to keep doing and what you might want to do differently.