Liz: ‘I inspired my mum – and my daughter’

It’s not just member Liz who’s discovered a healthy new WW lifestyle; her mum and daughter are reaping the benefits too. So how did she become an inspiration across the generations?
Published 18 March, 2020

Name: Liz Fradd Gilbert
Age: 43
Weight lost: 3st 7lb
WW Workshop: James West Community Centre, Hailsham
Coach: Jan Heath


Mum and I went to a Workshop together


When my mum told me she hoped to lose weight for a holiday, she was nervous about going to her first WW Workshop, so I told her I’d go along. I pretended to everyone that it was moral support for Mum – but deep down, I knew she wasn’t the only one who needed to get healthy. My weight had been creeping up for a few years.

When mum and I joined, neither of us knew what to expect. But I grew to love the support, inspiration and practical advice we got from our fellow members and Coach, Jan. I made quick progress. That encouraged me, and I decided to drop the pretence that I was only there for Mum. I was proud to be there for myself, too.


We became healthy role models for the kids


As Mum and I became fitter and more energetic, it was great to see the kids starting to pick up some of our healthier habits. I knew it was important for me to be a good healthy role model for them, especially my daughter Issy, who’s on the verge of becoming a teenager. I couldn’t believe it when she started asking for salads in her school lunch box!

As well as setting an example for my own children, I really loved helping to motivate Mum. She was so happy that we were sharing the journey and could give each other support and advice.


Mother and daughter power!


Mum lost 1st 7lb, and I was so proud of her. And then she continued to attend our Workshop to support me. Six months after I joined, I’d lost 3st 7lb, and Mum and I went shopping to celebrate. Now the three of us – Mum, Issy and I – love going on girlie shopping trips together.

My healthier lifestyle has given me such a zest for life, and that confidence is all thanks to losing weight and making lifestyle changes with WW. Issy is now proud of her mum and I’m hugely proud of mine. Mother and daughter power – we did it!