Hope: I’ve been maintaining my weight for five years

After years hiding from the world, Hope is now out there enjoying all that life has to offer.
Published 19 September, 2023

Hope’s story

Weight lost: 4st 9lb
Age: 25
WW Workshop: Active Plus, Hull
WW Coach: Alex Hook

Tough love

My wellness journey began at the age of 18, when my mum sat me down and told me I needed to do something about my weight. I’d always been on the big side, but after learning to drive at 17, then getting a job, I became more independent and the choices I made led to my weight rocketing to 15st 5lb. At home my parents cooked healthy meals, but I bought fast food, chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks whenever I could. Looking back, I think boredom drove me to eating all that junk.

Taking the first step

Mum had always been a large woman, and she hated seeing me missing out on life like she had. ‘Hope, you need to stop doing this to yourself,’ she said. It was hard to hear, but I knew she was right. I also knew I wouldn’t be able to do it alone, so I joined WW. As I began to lose weight I felt so much happier and more positive about the future. I wanted to make sure I never punished my body again; I want to take care of it.

Support and motivation

Mum was brilliant. She cooked WW recipes for me at home, to help me stick to my Points® Budget, and supported me in so many ways. My dad also helped me stay motivated by pledging to give me £1 for every 1lb I lost. When I reached goal I spent the money he’d given me on a gorgeous ring. I feel so proud when I wear it; it reminds me how far I’ve come.

Maintaining happiness

With a new body, and new level of confidence, I started experimenting with clothes. Although I’d never taken an interest in fashion before, I wanted to look as good as I felt. Now I’ve gone from zero interest to shopping addict.

I’ve been maintaining my weight for five years now. I still get urges to eat unhealthy snacks, but when that happens I look for other ways to stop the boredom – like planning and shopping for our next holiday! I didn’t learn how to swim when I was a child, so my next goal is to learn so I can enjoy swimming in the sea. It’s taken me a few years to build up the self-confidence I have now, but I’ve realised this is my time to shine. I’m no longer afraid to step out of the shadows.