Laura: Getting healthy was a family affair!

When member Laura joined WW, the rest of her family followed. Together, they motivated each other to get healthy
Published 19 September, 2023
"By the time my birthday party came around, I’d lost 2st and felt like a new woman inside as well as out."

Start weight: 16st 3lb | Weight loss: 4st 4lb 
Current weight: 11st 13lb 
Height: 5' 3" |  Age: 34
Studio: St Mary’s Parish Centre, Sunderland
WW Coach: Sharon Lowes

Setting a goal

Although I loved Christmas Day with my big family, my heart just wasn’t in it the way it used to be. I’d knew I’d have to wear the same shapeless shift dress I’d worn to every Christmas party that year, as I couldn’t fit in anything else. I felt frumpy and fed up. It wasn’t just Christmas I was bothered about – I was turning 30 the following June and didn’t want my low self-confidence spoiling that celebration too. On Christmas Day, I decided to join WW. I told my mum, and my sister Sarah, who were surprised but supportive.

A whole new world

Once I joined, there was no stopping me. I threw myself into the programme, cooking healthier paella instead of ordering pizza, and snacking on veggies instead of crisps. I was a woman on a mission. And it paid  off. By the time my birthday party came around, I’d lost  2st and felt like a new woman inside as well as out. I couldn’t stop beaming and was brimming with confidence as I hauled Sarah and Mum onto the dance floor to celebrate.

Inspiring my family

Sarah was blown away by the changes in me, so when she and her fiancé set a date for their wedding, she also joined WW, inspired to get healthy before her big day. Mum decided to join too, and started coming to WW Workshops with us. Soon, we stopped catching up over coffee and cake, and instead our regular meet-ups became a chance to share healthy recipes and cook for each other.

On Sarah’s wedding day, the three of us gathered at home before heading off to the church. There was the beautiful bride, Mum beaming with pride, and me, a happy bridesmaid. We’d lost more than 10st between us, but the number was irrelevant. What mattered was that we’d done it together.