Katie: I’ve found WW so easy

Being more organised has made a big difference to both Katie's happiness and her weight.
Published 11 December, 2017
"When I’m feeling positive about life, I feel more positive about my body too."
Weight Watchers member katie
Weight Watchers member katie
Weight Watchers member katie
Weight Watchers member katie

Start weight: 14st 7lb | Weight loss: 3st 10lb*
Current weight: 10st 11lb | Goal weight: 10st 7lb
Height: 5' 7" |  Age: 41
Studio: Huddersfield, West Yorks 

When I joined WW,

I had no idea it would have such an impact on all areas of my life. I began to put on weight in my early twenties, after I got a job at a hotel. I gained more weight during pregnancy with my daughter Saskia, and by the time I’d had my second daughter, Olivia, I looked middle-aged and felt frumpy, even though I was only 25 at the time. I began to avoid going out and turned to sweet treats for comfort.

I lost 2st 7lb in six months

Back in my size 10-12 clothes, I felt like myself again and decided to train to become a WW Coach. But after becoming pregnant with my son Jasper, in 2007, some of the weight crept back on. The more weight I gained, the less happy I became and the more I ate. In 2012, I separated from my first husband and later found love again with Martin, who proposed just two years later. I was a size 16-18 and had 4st to lose, but with my wedding to look forward to, I felt so motivated!

I got to goal just under a year later

and fitted perfectly into my size-10 wedding dress. I’ve found WW Freestyle so easy. I’m really happy that eggs are now a ZeroPoint™ food, and I love chicken, fish and seafood. These days, I make time to meet friends for coffee or take my dogs for a walk. When I’m feeling positive about life, I feel positive about my body too. 

My moments

‘As a WW Coach and a mum, I’m pretty busy, but I make time for activity every day, because I always feel better when I’ve done some exercise, especially outside in the fresh air. That’s where my lovely dogs come in!’ ‘I always feel amazing after a walk. If I'm with someone, we put the world to rights. If I'm on my own, I listen to music and plan things or spend the time organising my thoughts – it's really refreshing. Knowing I've been active during the day makes me feel fab.’ 

‘I walk my dogs Cookie, a pug, and Zippy, a French bulldog, every day. The distance depends on how much time I have between children and meetings!’ 

‘I go on shorter walks with Cookie, as she's quite old and getting slower. Zippy and I go much further and faster; usually 5-10km. Living in Yorkshire, there are plenty of hills and beautiful scenery on our doorstep, so we don’t have to drive anywhere else to go for a walk.’ 

‘Walking my dogs can be a sociable affair. My husband Martin and I catch up with each other while walking the dogs, and my best friend Sian, who's lost more than 3st, sometimes comes along. My youngest daughter Olivia usually joins me too, so she can get some steps on her Fitbit. Walking helps her relax, as she has GCSEs this year. When my step-children Georgia and Leo are with us, we walk as a family, which can often end with a nice coffee somewhere.’

​*Katie joined WW in May 2003.