Emily: I needed to do it for me

Having lost nearly 3st while running a restaurant blog, Emily is living proof that you really can eat the foods you love while losing weight
Published 19 September, 2023
"I’m much happier in myself and feel confident enough to wear the clothes I love"

Start weight: 13st 13lb | Weight loss: 2st 11lb
Current weight: 11st  2lb
Height: 5' 7" |  Age: 27
Studio: City Mission, City Centre, Nottingham 
WW Coach: Sharon Williams 

Wednesday is date night for me and my boyfriend Stu, so we’ll normally go for dinner at a restaurant we’d like to review for our food blog. It’s a great way to spend time together, but after a while I started to notice the pounds were creeping on and my clothes were getting tighter. So I decided to join WW to lose some weight – I needed to do this for myself.

I knew losing weight while writing a restaurant blog wouldn’t be easy, but Stu was cheering me on the whole way. We still went out for meals, but I’d choose healthier options or ask for simple swaps, like having my main served with roasted veg instead of chips.

Even Stu’s health has improved as we’ve been making plenty of healthy swaps at home too – like using extra lean mince instead of the regular stuff. We also love to recreate our favourite restaurant meals, playing around with ingredients and cooking techniques to make them lower in Points®. And crucially, I’ve learned to listen to my body so that I stop eating when I feel full.

Now, I’m much happier in myself and feel confident enough to wear the clothes I love. It’s also been a great bonding experience for Stu and me – we’re even going on walks together now to get some steps in! It’s been great for both my relationship with myself, and with Stu.