Carla: Fakeaways helped me lose over 4st

How member Carla found success by swapping her favourite takeaway for scratch-cooked meals.
Published 23 July, 2018
"My time as a size-16 is now behind me!"

Start weight: 14st 7lb | Weight loss: 4st 6lb 
Current weight: 10st 1lb 
Height: 5' 3" |  Age: 27
Studio: Barrow Labour Club, Barrow-In-Furness, Lancashire
WW Coach: Rachel Denham

Lightbulb moment

I’ve always struggled with my weight, and working in a fried chicken shop wasn’t the best place to learn about healthy eating – I’d scoff chicken and chips during every shift. The weight piled on and my health was at risk, but it wasn’t until my brother Craig’s wedding that I had my lightbulb moment. Walking down the aisle in a size-16 bridesmaid’s dress was humiliating enough, but the worst moment came at the reception, when I sat down and the seam of my dress split!

My first WW Workshop

A month later, I walked into my first WW Workshop. I’d felt anxious about joining, but with my WW Coach Rachel’s advice, as well as tips from the other members, I learned how to make healthier eating choices, such as swapping my regular deep-fried chicken for a fakeaway version made at home in an ActiFry.

Training to become a WW Coach

Being more mindful about my portion sizes and cooking meals from scratch helped me lose 3st. I then decided to train to become a WW Coach. Once I’d qualified, I found that running my own Workshop was the motivation I needed to get to goal and my WW members were so excited to celebrate with me. My time as a size 16 is now behind me, but I’ve kept the bridesmaid’s dress. It’s an amazing visual reminder of just how far I’ve come.