Angela: “WW just fits into my life!”

Angela joined WW after her friend Malou recommended it to her and she's never looked back since losing 4st 6lb!
Published 10 July, 2019

Angela, 34, lost 4st 6lb

When my alarm rings in the morning, I jump out of bed and am ready to seize the day. I've never had as much energy as I do now. I’m happy that my friend Malou recommended WW to me and that we did the programme together.

Right after the birth of my second son, we both signed up for WW Digital and, of course, downloaded the WW app right away. We met up once a week at my place and weighed in on my scale. The sense of accomplishment that you get when you enter your new weight into the app and scroll through your weight loss history is huge. After eleven months, I had lost 4st 6lb. WW doesn’t just suit me well, but it also fits with my family’s lifestyle: everyone loves the delicious recipes!

Enjoying sports more than ever before

I’ve never been as fit as I am now. In the past, I’d never been too thin or too heavy, and I was pretty athletic overall (I’ve played handball my entire life). But I never thought that I could feel as light on my feet as I do now. I always thought that I’m more of a strength person than an endurance person. But that’s not true; with every pound I lost, I noticed that I my stamina on the court was improving and that I didn’t tire out as fast. So I’m enjoying sports and exercise more than ever. This also applies to hiking and biking with my sons!

My reward: a girls’ ski weekend

At the very start of our journey, Malou and I devised a way to reward ourselves. We decided to plan a weekend ski trip together for when we’d have reached a particular body weight goal. She reached her goal first, and I was admittedly lagging behind. But Malou really motivated me during this time; as they say, we’re better together! She reminded me to keep in mind how much I’d already accomplished and how proud I could be of myself. We decided to change our plan and to take our ski holiday regardless of whether or not I had reached my goal. But, just a few days before the trip, I was able to celebrate having reached my goal weight! This experience showed my that you shouldn’t put yourself under so much pressure. Weight loss is a matter of endurance!

Finding your balance with WW

With WW I was able to completely overhaul my nutrition, without having to give up my favourite foods. After just a couple of weeks, I’d already found my rhythm. While I was breastfeeding, I did have a lot of PersonalPoints to work with, but I’d become aware that I still always indulged too often and ate too large portions. For example, at breakfast, I always used to fill my bowl to the rim with muesli. But now, I just take a couple of tablespoons and add some fruit and flaxseed. I also used to eat a lot of ice cream at home. But now I’ve found alternatives, such as yogurt or quark. But when we’re out, I’ll still enjoy an ice cream. That helps balance things off. It’s easy for me to maintain my new weight, since it’s easy to keep going with WW. Keeping a balanced diet with lots of veggies is good for the whole family.

My favourite WW tool

The app is my daily companion. I especially liked looking at my weight loss journey. It made me proud to see what I’d already accomplished, and made me excited for my next weigh in day.

Angela lost 4st 6lb in 11 months with WW Digital.