Photo of Haddock fishcakes with watercress sauce by WW

Haddock fishcakes with watercress sauce

Points® value
Total Time
1 hr 5 min
15 min
35 min
These hearty fishcakes are sure to become a midweek staple. Serve them with any veg you like – butternut squash ‘chips’ would be a good match


New potatoes, raw

400 g, roughly chopped

Semi Skimmed Milk

200 ml

Smoked haddock, raw

400 g

Pickled gherkins, no added sugar

50 g, drained

Thyme, Fresh

10 sprig(s), leaves picked

Plain White Flour

3 tablespoon(s), level

Egg, whole, raw

1 medium, raw, beaten

Breadcrumbs, fresh

70 g

Olive Oil

1 tablespoon(s)

Cherry Tomatoes

270 g

Salad leaves

80 g


80 g

0% Fat Crème Fraîche

125 g

Lemon Juice, Fresh

20 ml


  1. Put the potatoes in a large pan of cold water and bring to the boil. Cook for 10-15 minutes, until soft. Drain and set aside to cool slightly, then mash.
  2. Meanwhile, put the milk in a large shallow pan and bring to a simmer. Submerge the haddock in the milk and cover with a lid. Poach for 5-6 minutes, then remove from the heat. Once the fish is cool enough to handle, remove from the milk and flake, discarding the skin and the poaching liquid.
  3. Add the fish, gherkins and thyme to the potato. Season and stir well to combine. Shape the mixture into four large fishcakes and chill for 15 minutes to firm up.
  4. Preheat the oven to 200°C, fan 180°C, gas mark 6. Put the flour, egg and breadcrumbs in three separate shallow bowls. Dip each fishcake into the flour, then the egg, and finally the breadcrumbs.
  5. Heat the oil in a large frying pan. Cook the fishcakes for 2 minutes on each side until golden, then transfer to a baking sheet and cook in the oven for 15 minutes.
  6. Meanwhile, make the sauce by putting the watercress, crème fraîche and lemon juice in a food processor and blitzing until smooth. Season to taste.
  7. Arrange the tomatoes and salad on plates, top with a fishcake and serve drizzled with the sauce.


Serve each fishcake topped with a poached egg, if you want.