Photo of Barbecue chicken & sweetcorn quesadilla by WW

Barbecue chicken & sweetcorn quesadilla

Points® value
Total Time
11 min
5 min
6 min


Hot & spicy BBQ sauce

1 tablespoon(s)

WW White Wraps

2 individual

Chicken breast, skinless, raw

100 g, shredded

Half fat Cheddar cheese

100 g

Sweetcorn, tinned, drained

50 g

Spring Onions

2 medium, trimmed and chopped

Coriander, fresh

1 tablespoon(s), handful, chopped

Calorie controlled cooking spray

4 spray(s)


  1. Spread the BBQ sauce over each wrap and set aside. In a medium bowl, combine the chicken, cheese, sweetcorn, spring onions and coriander. Scatter the mixture over 1 of the wraps, then sandwich the second wrap, sauce-side down, on top.
  2. Mist a large nonstick frying pan with cooking spray and carefully fry the quesadilla for 3-4 minutes over a medium-high heat. Mist the the top of the quesadilla with more cooking spray, then turn and cook for another 2 minutes, until golden and the filling is hot.
  3. Invert the quesadilla onto a board and cut into wedges to serve.