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WW Virtual Workshop Q&A

Everything you ever wanted to know about Virtual WW Workshops
(but were afraid to ask)

Finding & joining a Workshop

1. The list of locations and an idea of times can be found on the WW website. On a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device:

  a.    Go to WW.com

  b.    Click on Find a Workshop (top right of the screen)

  c.    Click on the blue button in the banner 

  d.    Scroll down and click on your county

  e.    You’ll see a list of towns - make a note of your nearest one


2. Open your WW app and follow these steps here

Q&A on Virtual Workshops

Q: How do I join a Virtual Workshop?

A: The Workshops are run in Connect, in the WW app. Please follow this step by step guide.


Q: I don’t have / don’t know how to use the app.

A: You can download the WW app onto your smartphone or tablet from the App store / Google Play. Click here for our bite-sized app tutorials.


Q: I don’t have a smartphone/tablet. How can I take part?

A: Contact your WW coach and they will be able to send you the link that you can access from your computer. You will also be able to phone in to your Virtual Workshop.


Q: I’m a PAYG member - how can I access the Virtual Workshop and will my missed meeting fee be waived?

A: We’d love to support you through this period and the best way to get access to Connect would be to sign-up for a Digital membership. You’ll then be able to get all the benefits of having the app and also the Virtual Workshops. Alternatively, if you contact your coach, they may be able to provide you with a Zoom link. Any missed meeting fees will be waived.


Q: What happens in a Virtual Workshop?

A: Just like at our in-person Workshops, you’ll find your expert Coach and fellow members ready to share advice, tips and support to help make your WW journey easier. There’s time to talk about challenges and celebrate successes, followed by a discussion on that week’s topic, led by the Coach. Examples of topics include stocking your kitchen for success, managing stress eating, creating a daily routine, staying active indoors, and focussing on what you can control (rather than what you can’t).


Q: Can other members see me?  

A: Yes, but if you don’t like being on camera you can shut off the video at any time. Or, if you want the other members to see you but not your surroundings or what’s going on behind you (the kids having their tea, your other half playing with the dog, etc) you can add a ‘virtual background’. Find out how here


Q: How do I switch off my camera?

A: If you’re on a PC or tablet, you should see a video camera at the bottom left of your screen, next to the microphone. Click on it - if there’s a red line through it, your camera is off. If not, it’s on. If you’re on a phone, tap the screen and you’ll see the video camera icon in the navigation bar at the bottom.


Q: How do I see the other members?

A: If you’re on a PC or a tablet, you should see an option at the top right of the Zoom window to switch to ‘Gallery mode’. There may be too many members to fit on one screen, so if you see arrows to the right or left, clicking on them will let you scroll through. If you’re viewing on your phone, tap the screen and then swipe to the left. You may have to do this lots of times if the session is busy!


Q: Can I just listen, or do I have to actively join in?

A: If you don't want to talk within the group, this is perfectly fine. You can just take a back seat and listen to the conversation within the group. 


Q: If I want to contribute to the discussion, how do I do that?

A: You can signal to the Coach that you want to speak by putting your hand up, or by using the ‘raise hand’ feature of Zoom. If you’re on a PC or tablet, click on ‘Participants’ at the bottom of the Zoom window, and a list of who’s here will appear on the right of your screen. At the bottom of that list you’ll see 2 buttons: ‘Unmute me’ and ‘Raise my hand’. If you’re on a phone, tap ‘More’ and you should see ‘raise my hand’. Your Coach will either unmute you or ask you to take yourself off mute to be heard.

You can also type your question in the chat box at the bottom of the screen. It’ll be seen by everyone in the Workshop, and if there isn’t time for the Coach to answer it during the session, you can ask it in the Connect group afterwards. There’ll be lots of Coaches in the group so it’s likely to be answered quickly in there!


Q: How can I change the name that’s displayed on Zoom?

A: Just click on the 3 dots at the top of the screen. You don’t need to add your full name if you don’t want to! If the Coach can see your first name though it’ll make it easier for you to be involved in the discussion. 


Q: Will there be a Wellness check-in during Virtual Workshops? 

A: You’ll need to weigh in at home and track your weight on your WW app. From about half an hour before the Virtual Workshop is due to begin, the Coach will be available on the Zoom link for you to be able to share your results (privately) and get the brief one-to-one coaching you’d normally get when you’re at the scales at your in-person workshop.


Q: I don't have a set of scales at home - what do I do?

A: Local pharmacies and Boots stores often have scales. Pop along to one of these and record your weight in your WW app. You can also buy a set of WW scales on our online shop at weightwatchersshop.co.uk. Or, while we’re holding Virtual Workshops, you can choose not to weigh in and still participate in the discussion. 


Q: Can I watch the Workshop back later? Are they recorded?

A: To protect your privacy and the privacy of other members, we ask that nobody records, takes screenshots, or shares anything that goes on in the Virtual Workshop.


Q: Can I invite a friend who isn’t a member of WW?

A: Apart from our Open House sessions, we’re offering these sessions to members only, so we ask that you don’t give the link to anyone else or allow any non-members to watch or participate.


Q: I normally buy WW products at my Workshop. How will this work in Virtual Workshops?

A: You can buy WW support tools and products from our online shop: www.weightwatchersshop.co.uk. We're currently offering a free gift with each order if you use the special code provided by your regular Coach.