How to access Zoom

A Step by Step Guide on how to access Zoom for your Virtual Workshop

1. Tap the connect icon at the bottom of the screen

2. Tap the green "browse groups" button

3. Scroll down to the workshop category and tap "see all"

4. Tap into the search bar and type your County

5. Scroll through the local groups to find the one nearest to you

6. Tap join

7. In the pinned post you can see the workshop times

8. Once you have clicked on the link, tap open

9. For security reasons you'll be placed in a waiting room

10. Tap "Call using Internet Audio"

11. Initially your screen may be blank, or show your coach

12. Tap anywhere on the screen to reveal the menu bar

13. Tap on the three dots for more tools

14. To leave the workshop at any time, tap 'leave' in the top right hand corner.