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How to use the WW (Weight Watchers) app

Watch these quick video tutorials to learn about the WW app, how it works and which features you'll use to support your weight loss & healthy living journey.

Discover our 4.8* rated app

The WW app lets you take the programme with you wherever you go, and is a key part of your weight loss & wellness journey.

With everything you need at your fingertips, it's easy to stay on track with your goals whether you're at home, work or out & about. 

From our much-loved barcode scanner to guided meditations with Headspace, the WW app is packed with easy-to-use features that make weight loss and healthy living simple, practical and flexible.

Scroll down for answers to your WW app FAQs!

Got a question about the app? We've created a series of mini video tutorials that explore key features of the app and how to use them.

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>> Introductory checklist & articles
>> Track your first meal
>> Track your starting weight
>> Join Connect groups
>> Sync your activity device
>> Track activity
>> Profile & settings
>> Find & track foods
>> In-app meditations & workouts
>> Explore: recipe collections, restaurant meals and your colour plan
>> Barcode scanner
>> Find foods in the database
>> Track your favourite foods
>> What are crowd sourced foods?
>> Track the same meals as yesterday
>> Delete a tracked item
>> Quick add
>> Frequently tracked foods
>> SmartPoints® calculator
>> Simple recipe search
>> Advanced recipe search
>> Edit recipes
>> Share recipes
>> Build recipes


Section #1: First 5 things to do


Just downloaded the app? Here are five ways to get started and familiarise yourself with how it works.

1. Introductory checklist & articles


New to WW? Browse resources available for new joiners.

2. Track your first meal


Search, tap, track. Learn how to track your meals in seconds.

3. Track your starting weight


Tracking your weight is quick and easy. Remember, every time you track your weight, meals and activity, you earn 'Wins' that can be redeemed for FREE rewards like bluetooth wireless headphones, beauty gift cards and spa day passes.

4. Join Connect groups


Connect is our in-app member community where you can find tips & inspiration, and share your journey. Find out how to join groups based on your interests, lifestyle and journey like 'In my 40s', 'Pet Owners' and 'Running'.

5. Sync your activity device


Syncing your activity device to the app is a cinch! Learn how to set up automated activity tracking in 40 seconds.


Section #2: App overview


Ticked off all five points on your 'Getting started' checklist? Take a deeper dive into the app and learn about your profile, settings and key wellness features, including Headspace meditations and guided workouts with Aaptiv. 

6. Track activity


If you haven't synced your activity device, here's how to track your workouts manually.

7. Explore your profile & settings


Edit your profile and adjust your settings to your heart's content.

8. Find & track foods


Learn how to find & track foods, adjust portion sizes and save foods as Favourite.

9. Explore in-app meditations, workouts & articles


Meditate with Headspace, work out with Aaptiv and access fresh content, whether that's top tips, meal plans or info about our latest product promotions.

10. Discover the 'Explore' section


Access handy recipe collections (including 'Best of British' and 'Meals for one'), browse SmartPoints values & meals at 70 restaurants and find out more about your customised plan.


Section #3: All about food


From our popular barcode scanner to crowdsourced foods, this is your guide to everything 'foodie' in the app.

11. Discover the barcode scanner


The barcode scanner is one of our members' favourite features, because it makes tracking your meals super quick and easy.

12. Find foods in the database


Your quick 'n' easy guide to finding foods in our database. With over 40,000 foods (and counting!), we're confident you'll find what you're looking for.

13. Track your favourite foods


Whether you're an avocado addict, lentil lover or fava bean fan, find out where your favourite foods are stored.

14. Meet crowdsourced foods


If a food doesn't exist in our database yet, it may have been manually added by a WW member. This means members input their own nutritional data to generate a SmartPoints value, which you can then choose to track. Find out more about crowdsourced foods and the barcode scanner.

15. Track the same meals as yesterday


Want to track the same meal as yesterday? Save time with this handy hack.

16. Delete a tracked item


Find out how to remove a food you've tracked - in less than 30 seconds!

17. Discover 'Quick Add'


Add and track a recipe with a known SmartPoints value in a flash.

18. Find frequently tracked foods


Find out where your frequently tracked foods live, and how to track them.

19. Meet the SmartPoints calculator


Use the app's in-built SmartPoints calculator alongside a food's nutritional label to generate the SmartPoints value.


Section 4: All about recipes


Got questions about recipes in the WW app? Scroll down for answers, from applying filters to your search to editing a recipe.

20. Simple recipe search


A 30-second guide to searching for recipes within the app.

21. Advanced recipe search


Looking for dairy-free or vegan recipes in a particular recipe collection, like 'Breakfast & Brunch' or 'Chinese New Year'? Learn how to apply filters to your search.

22. How to edit a recipe


Tweak recipes to suit you! Here's how to amend ingredients, quantities and recipe names.

23. How to share a recipe


Found or created a recipe you love, or spotted something you think a friend would enjoy? Here's how to share a recipe.

24. How to build a recipe


This two-minute video will teach you how to create and build a recipe in the app.


If you haven't already, download the app today, available for iOS and Android. Our 4.8* rated app makes weight loss and healthy living simple and delicious!

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