OGGs gin sour cocktail

Points® value
We think a cherry and slice of lemon is the perfect garnish for this drink, but it’s totally up to you... If you fancy sitting a cherry on top, simply slide a toothpick through it, and balance it on the side, to stop it from sinking!

Meal Items

Fruiss Pure Cane Sugar Syrup

20 ml


25 ml

Lemon Juice, Fresh

25 ml

Aquafaba egg substitute

50 ml


Pop a few ice cubes into your cocktail shaker and fill an old-fashioned tumbler with ice. Add your sugar syrup, gin, lemon juice and aquafaba into the cocktail shaker and make sure the lid is on tight before you give it a good shake! Shake for roughly 1 minute for the Aquafaba to fully activate, strain and pour over your glasses topped with ice!