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Calling all new mums!

To celebrate the royal baby, we've put together a collection of useful articles and inspiring success stories for new mums.

Losing weight after pregnancy starts with WW Freestyle™. Our flexible weight loss plan fits into your busy schedule - not the other way around. 
Join some familiar faces

Join award-winning actress, designer and author Kate Hudson, who had her third child in October 2018, and Louise Pentland, bestselling author and #1 parenting YouTuber in the UK.

Losing weight after pregnancy

There's no need to rush into weight loss after giving birth. Why not wait a few months to give yourself time to settle into the world of parenting and enjoy spending time with your new arrival? When you're ready, here's what you need to know.

Top fitness tips

Gentle exercise should be okay after your six-week post-birth check (or longer if you had a caesarean) but check with your GP before starting to exercise. You should avoid sit-ups or crunches to begin with, according to postnatal fitness consultant Jane Wake: "During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles can become weak. This means some exercises are unsuitable for new mums."