10 ways to keep active with the kids

Have fun and stay healthy together, right at home.
Published 30 July, 2020 | Updated 22 November, 2023

When the weather isn't ideal to get outside, here's some ideas to keep your kids not only entertained whilst at home, but also active. 

Plus, if you’ve reached the bottom of your activity bank, here are a couple of ways to keep the whole family on their feet and having fun.

1. Do housework together

Make chores fun! Crank up the music and hand out the easier jobs to the kids to get them involved with tidying and cleaning. Whether it’s dancing whilst hoovering or blowing sudsy washing-up bubbles, housework can be active, productive and fun, making it an all-round winner.

2. Cook together

Skipping past the potential mess it may cause, cooking with your kids and teaching them about healthy choices is the new home-economics class. Whether you prepare an easy dinner recipe together or bake some goodies at the weekend, get your kids on their feet and moving about the kitchen. You'll all get some steps in and it's a great opportunity for them to learn about nutrition and food prep.

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3. Throw a dance party

A family dance party is always a fun idea. Time to turn the lights down and the music up and burn off some of that extra energy they may have before bed. There's no better way to work up a sweat!

4. Livestream exercise classes

By having the kids at home, you may be missing out on a class or time to exercise that you’d usually fit in during school hours. Since they’re also missing out on PE classes, why not find an online workout that you can all get involved in from the comfort of your living room?

5. Play balloon volleyball

The game is in the name! Using leftover balloons from birthday parties, set up your own volleyball court in the living room. With all the jumping and lunging, your FitPoints® will be up in no time.

6. Go for a walk

It’s that part of the day we can all look forward to. Whether it’s a wander around the block or a stroll in an open field, stretching your legs and catching some vitamin D is all too important to miss out on each day.  

7. Try hula hooping

Bring back a blast from your childhood past and get the family swinging those hips! Whether it’s in front of the TV or outside in the garden, hula hooping is barrels of fun, and harder than it looks!

8. Practise yoga

Whether you choose to simply stretch or get yourself into the lotus position for a couple of minutes, this mindful exercise can help both you and your kids feel grounded in a time of chaos and uncertainty. It can also serve as a welcome five minutes of silence.

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9. Do some colouring 

Because it commands you to be still and focus your energies in one place, colouring is a fantastic mindfulness activity for kids and adults alike. From creating pretty pictures of rainbows to put in your windows to stress-busting colouring books for adults, brighten up the community and let your mind wander elsewhere.

10. Dance trends

With the rise of dance trends online, there are lots of creative dance routines that are suitable for all ages and can be learnt as a family. You may even find yourself making up your own routine!