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How WW Health Solutions Works

How WW Health Solutions Meets NICE standards


WW is a multi-component lifestyle weight management programme, our philosophy built on what we call a ‘4 pillar approach’, to ensure healthy and sustained weight loss in line with NICE (PH53) best practices. 

i.              Healthy eating

ii.             Physical activity

iii.            Group support

iv.            Behaviour change


This ‘4 pillar approach’ is adopted though our weight loss system, our weekly Wellness Workshops, our digital service and our range of education and communication channels.

Our approach to weight loss is underpinned by current national public health guidance for healthy eating and physical activity.


WW have been involved in a large number of research and evaluation studies and there is an on-going programme of research, evaluation (both qualitative and quantitative) and continuous improvement within the services delivered with health partners.


What to expect


The programme includes:

  • 12 sessions of community Wellness Workshops with the flexibility for the Service User to have 2 weeks holiday and > 2 weeks off for sickness / other incidents. Wellness Workshops offer a safe, motivational and supportive environment for people to learn how to adapt their lifestyle and maintain a healthier weight in a network of a mixed group of people.  We support 100% attendance at our Wellness Workshops and we encourage this from initial triaging. 
  • 16 weeks of access to our online tools (web & App). This includes a wealth of physical activity film tutorials, designed to motivate members to get more active and incorporating activity into their daily routines.​




Our most flexible programme ever!

SmartPoints® is designed to help Service Users lose weight at a healthy rate of up to 2lbs a week (creating a personalised, safe energy deficit for a healthy rate of weight loss), whilst encouraging healthier, more satisfying food choices, enabling flexibility to learn skills for sustaining weight loss and integrating physical activity.


Our holistic approach to weight management is supported by behavioural change techniques and galvanised by our group support workshops.