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Looking to cancel your WW (Weight Watchers) membership?

Here are a few things you should know before you go.

Remember your 'why'

Whatever motivated you to join WW, your 'why' is what keeps you going. The clearer your 'why' is to you, the more focused you’ll be as you work towards your goals. In the video below, Robbie Williams encourages you - his WW family - to remember why you started your WW journey, and why it's important to "always get back on the horse".

Rediscover the amazing features in the app

As a WW member, you already know you get a customised weight loss plan and 2000+ delicious recipes. But did you know we host live cookalongs in the app? And that you can track your sleep? Or that you’ve got a choice between live, video AND audio workouts? All this and more is included in your membership. 

We’re constantly adding value to your membership with new features, new experiences and new rewards. Here are just some of the things you’ll lose if you cancel:

Virtual Workshops & community

If you're a Workshop + Digital member, you get exclusive and unlimited access to our popular Virtual Workshops that run morning, noon and night! Connect with a WW Coach and fellow members, and learn a new weekly technique to support you on your journey.

If you're a Digital member, you've got a supportive community at your fingertips in the WW app. Share your journey and be inspired by other members in Connect, and chat 24/7 with a WW Coach whenever you need support.

Water & sleep tracking

Because staying hydrated and getting enough zzz's are so important for your overall wellbeing (and can even support your weight loss goals) we've introduced brand new water and sleep trackers in the WW app. They’re simple to use, and make it easy to create and reach your goals.

WW member Manjeet says: "I’m working as a key worker during lockdown, and I definitely find it harder to sleep if something stressful or upsetting has happened during the day. I’m definitely planning to use the new sleep tracker – I’m sure it will help with these issues."

LOADS of new workouts

From workout videos by FitOn to live dance, yoga and body weight workouts throughout the week, we've added loads of new fitness content to the app. Workouts range in duration and intensity, so you can always find one that suits you. Our continued partnership with Aaptiv also gives you access to motivational audio workouts - it's like having a personal trainer in your ear! All workouts are equipment free and can be done at home.

Whichever workout you choose, get ready to break a sweat with top fitness instructors! Remember, you can sync your fitness device for automated activity tracking

FREE rewards throughout your journey

We believe in celebrating your healthy habits, which is why you earn ‘Wins’ every time you track your food, weight or activity. Over time, these Wins add up to fabulous free rewards, which we deliver right to your door!

We’ve teamed up with some great brands to bring you a range of exciting rewards including day spa passes, premium subscriptions and free shipping from the WW Shop.

See all WellnessWins rewards

Live tutorials & virtual events

From cookalongs to city tours in some of Europe’s hottest destinations, we’ve introduced new virtual experiences in the WW app to keep you busy during lockdown and beyond. Play the video for a sneak peek of our virtual tour around Venice with local tour guide Luca!

There's also a series of live tutorials on offer to help you find your way around the app.

Barcode scanner

Did you know the app has a built-in barcode scanner? Use it at the supermarket to compare SmartPoints® values, or track your food in seconds at home. It’s easy to see why it’s one of our members’ favourite features!

How to use our barcode scanner

Meditations & mindset content

In addition to mini Headpace meditations, we've also introduced live meditation workouts in the app. Next time you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a moment to pause with with relaxing meditations that are easy to fit into your day.

We’re also refreshing our in-app articles on a more regular basis to ensure you’re feeling motivated, inspired and supported at every stage of your journey. This includes content around mindset, food, fitness and more!

Get to gold like Robbie

With all these great features (and more on the way), the WW app puts everything you need for weight loss and wellness success at your fingertips. Plus, just think how great you'll feel when you reach your goal and become a gold member! Robbie reached gold, and says he's "the healthiest and happiest I've felt all of my life". You've got this!

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