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Come along to an onboarding session led by our top Coaches and get off to the best start - FREE with your membership!

In your Kickstart session you will:

  • Get tips to help you succeed. These Coaches know what works!

  • Find the best Virtual Workshop for you. Choose by location, Coach, or the most convenient time.

  • Get an action plan. Because everything is easier when you have a plan.

There are four Kickstart sessions each week - choose a time that suits you.

This is a live session, so please join 5 minutes prior to the start time. Session will last for approx. 30 minutes.

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If none of those times suit you, we have recorded the session and broken it down into bite-sized video you can watch at any time.

Meet our Coaches

Victoria R.


I'm a mum to 2 teenagers, living in Sussex. I walked into my local WW Workshop extremely shy and lacking in confidence to change how I felt. Four years on I'm still successfully maintaining a 4 stone weight loss, the biggest smile and now a new passion for cooking family friendly healthy meals.

My why: After seeing myself in a photo on a family holiday in October 2016 and not liking what I saw.

My philosophy: Life is all about balance! My perfect Sunday would be a stroll along our local beach with my family and our friends to earn some FitPoints, followed by a cold glass of wine in a sunny garden. 

Location: Sussex

Click here to join Victoria's Kickstart session on Thursday at 6pm

Keith M.


I joined WW because I was fed up making excuses about my weight and wasting time trying fad diets. As a Military Veteran I had lived a very physical and healthy life, but it came to an abrupt end due to a serious injury that made me sedentary and the weight gain started. When I went to my first Workshop, I was staggered by the energy in the room and the non-judgemental approach. Leaving the Ambulance Service and becoming a WW Coach was the best move I ever made.

My why: My health and my family. They deserve to have the best version of me for as long as possible.

My philosophy: We have but one life and it’s not a rehearsal so if we can live, love and show compassion to others we should do just that and why? “Because life matters!”

Interests: Swimming, walking the dog.

Maidstone, Kent.

Click here to join Keith's Kickstart session - Saturday at 11.30am

Rhian Bond

Rhian B.


I joined WW in 2006, just one week away from my wedding day! My success was due to my new found love of food, but this time the healthier relationship that I had built.  I fell in love with cooking, trying new foods and I'm never without a WW cookbook.

My why: My journey has never been about the way I looked, always about the way I felt. I wanted to be a healthier and happier version of me!

My philosophy: If you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results. I knew that I needed to share my wellness journey by becoming a WW Coach.

Interests: Healthy eating and cooking.

Bridgend, South Wales

Click here to join Rhian's Kickstart session on Monday at 7pm

Faye P.


My mum is also a Coach and she introduced me to WW. It was an instant hit! I reached my goal after losing 3st and I've never looked back. I am now the fittest and happiest I have ever been and I try and help people feel the way I feel - a happier woman, wife and mum. I love that it's all about a healthy balance and building healthy habits. 

My why: I was at lowest, I'd just had my second daughter and I was the biggest I had ever been. I was deeply insecure and very unhappy.

My philosophy: It's all about kindness to yourself, never beat yourself up! Just draw a line, learn and carry on.

Interests: I enjoy doing workouts, but also love taking my kids and dogs for a nice long walk.

Location: Portsmouth, Waterlooville and Havant

Click here to join Faye's Kickstart session on Wednesday at 12.30pm

How to join a Kickstart session

1. Pick a time that suits you to attend your FREE Kickstart session. 
2. Follow these directions to join your session:

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