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WW App Academy

These live sessions are designed to help you get the most out of your WW app.

The award-winning WW app is your best friend when it comes to building healthy habits around food, mindset, activity, sleep and more.

With new and exciting features being added all the time, our App Academy sessions are designed to help you learn your way around and get the most out of your WW app. Led by expert WW Coaches, get digital support (plus practical tips for meal planning and more) to help you on your weight loss and wellness journey.

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App Academy sessions

All sessions will cover both iOS and Android, so whichever device you use, you'll pick up plenty of handy tips.

Which session should I join?

App Basics, Focus on food - A 30 minute tour of our key app features, paying special attention to all the food related digital tools

App Basics, Activity, Mindset, Sleep - A 30 minute session taking a closer look at these three key pillars to Wellness and how we bring them to life in our app

Refresh and Refocus - A 30 minute session to help you find or rediscover your ‘Why’ and maximise your motivation.

Set for Success on Green/Blue/Purple - Learn the top skills, tools and techniques that will help you succeed on your chosen plan.

How to join

1. Pick a time and session that suits you.

2. Tap the button below to join via Zoom, a free video conferencing tool. (You don't need to download or install Zoom to join our sessions.)


Who can join WW App Academy sessions?
These sessions are open to all WW members.

How much do they cost?
They are included in your membership.

How long do they last?
They all contain 30 minutes of content, but may last up to 15 minutes longer if there are questions.

Are these the same as the Virtual Workshops?
No - WW App Academy sessions focus on digital skills to help you use the app and get the most from the WW programme. The content of these sessions will stay the same each week.

Virtual Workshops are 30 minute sessions for Workshop + Digital members, where a Coach will teach and lead a discussion around the Weekly Technique. If you're a Digital member, you can find the Weekly Technique on your My Day screen in the WW app.

How many can I do?
As many as you find helpful!

Who runs them?
They are run by a team of experienced Coaches.

Join via mobile
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