5 ways to enjoy eating out with WW

Everything you need to enjoy a meal out!
Published 18 August, 2023

Our number 1 tip? Check out restaurants in the WW app to help you with your choices. Here's 5 more to help you stay on track:

1. A bit of research pays off

Before you head out, look up the restaurant’s menu online. That way, you can choose what you want to eat (and even track it) in advance. You’re less likely to be swayed by what everyone else is ordering when you get there.

2. Choose wisely

In charge of selecting the restaurant? Brilliant! Opt for somewhere that naturally caters for healthy-eaters. Restaurants with a grill menu or lots of veggie-packed dishes are a good place to start. Think Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Middle Eastern cuisines, as well as steak houses (without the fried side dishes!).

3. Have a plan

If you don’t have control over where you’ll be eating out, that’s okay, too. You should still order what you fancy, just be mindful of portion sizes. For example, if you’re at an Italian restaurant and really want the creamy pasta, order it – but ask for a half portion, or take half home with you for tomorrow's dinner.

4. There's no need to go hungry

It might be tempting to save up all your Points for your meal out, but if you’re overly hungry when you order, you’ll be more likely to choose fried, sugary, or fatty dishes. Instead, aim to eat a couple of light meals and a few snacks throughout the day (zero-hero fruit and veg are a good way to pad things out). And if you’re worried about not having enough Points left by dinnertime, remember you can always dip into your weeklies, too.

5. Be mindful

Meals out should be about socialising with friends and family, not focusing on your phone! Getting distracted by text messages or social media alerts while you’re sat down to a meal could lead you to overeat without realising. Instead, focus on the food in front of you – and the conversation around you – so you’re aware of when you feel full.