WW blog: Emma talks Christmas party confidence

Published 7 December, 2018

With the festive season comes an endless stream of drinks, canapes, socialising – and glam outfits. Wanting to look and feel your best this time of year is only natural, especially if you’ve bought (or are considering buying) a glitzy new dress or a smart new waistcoat for the festivities.

In this week’s blog, WW member Emma sheds the light on how to love your body and yourself this Christmas season.


Learning to love yourself


“Body confidence doesn't come from trying to achieve the perfect body. It comes from embracing the one you’ve already got.” – Unknown

Hi, I’m Emma, aka @Emmas.whitedress.mission on Instagram. Those who have been following me for a while now will know that I completed my main mission in August 2018, when I wore my stunning white dress and felt beautiful as I walked down the aisle to become a Mrs.

And what a year it’s been, for so many reasons! The reason I want to talk about today is learning to love myself and feel my best, something that can be applied throughout the festive season. Hopefully you can carry this advice with you well into 2019, and beyond.  

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2016: I hid behind my outfits


For as long as I can remember, I have lacked in confidence, and with the festive season came a whole host of worries and anxiety. It was the fear of questions I would ask myself, like “What should I wear?” and “Will I look okay?” or “What will people think of me?”.

No one wants to feel self-conscious; we want to enjoy that party and feel relaxed and happy in our own skin. But often, it’s not quite that simple.

At a Christmas party in 2016, I wore black. I didn’t know it at the time, but black was the colour I hid behind. I had worn this dress the previous year because I hated clothes shopping, and not many shops stock mixed sizes.

I remember wearing a black leather jacket over my dress for the whole evening, and I sat at my table all night wishing I had never come. It was a party, and I chose to hide and let my insecurities stop me from enjoying it.


2017: The year everything changed


What a different story. I still dressed in black, but I wore a leather skirt, a vest top and heels – simple but classy. Something was different, though. I felt much more confident and was not about to sit another party out!

I danced the whole night away. My moves were so enthusiastic that I even managed to split my skirt on the dance floor! I mean, who invented a zip that does up at the front?! Safety pins to the rescue, my leather skirt was secured, and my dancing resumed — I was having far too much fun to let this minor setback ruin my fun and end my night early. This is more my style... not hiding behind a table!

You may be thinking, what changed in the space of a year? Mindset. Self-belief. Body confidence. It happened in small stages, but I learnt how to give myself the love I deserve.

And I learnt it’s okay not to love every single part of yourself, every single day — in fact, it’s normal. Even the people you think of as ‘perfect’ have days when they feel bloated and throw on a baggy jumper or break out and hide under a hat and scarf.

Realising this helped me realise that it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. Just remember the things you like and love about yourself and remind yourself often. It’s all about balance.


Quick guide to feel-good festivities


Let’s sparkle this Christmas and shine in the New Year!


Party prep


Find an outfit you love – and try stepping out of your comfort zone. Try new things, such as a new colour, shape or style. As long as you feel comfortable and love the way it looks and makes you feel, you’re onto a winner.

Trust a girl who knows! This coming Christmas party I am struggling with an outfit, but for the right reasons. I’m torn between a navy bodycon dress, and an emerald green party dress. I love both! That’s right – me! Miss Pass-Me-Something-Black, the Queen of hiding and playing it safe — this girl now loves colour.


…and action!


Do things you love and fully enjoy yourself throughout the festive season. Allow yourself to let loose a little and party – and don’t worry about what others are thinking. Remember how far you’ve come, and know how beautiful you are.


Here’s to a lighter, brighter 2019


I am so grateful to be going into the New Year four stone lighter. Joining WW has dramatically changed my life, and for so many reasons — both mentally and physically.

I’m already looking forward to celebrating this Christmas with my family and friends. Here’s to not only celebrating Christmas with confidence, but also welcoming a new chapter, and a brand new me.