Spring into healthy habits

Has WW helped you pick up new, good behaviours? Here’s how to make them life-long habits…
Published 25 March, 2019

A habit is created when a single conscious behavior is repeated over time, until it becomes automatic. These steps are known as the habit loop. Here’s how it works:

The cue: A prompt to perform the behaviour – such as a sight, smell, time of day, place or an emotion.

The behaviour: The action or the habit itself.

The reward: The benefit you get from doing the behaviour, encouraging you to repeat it.

We all have the power to create or change our habits. By understanding how our habits are formed, you’ll be able to turn helpful eating, activity and mindset behaviours into regular habits that benefit your daily life.

Creating a habit loop can help you to turn a positive action into a healthy, lifelong habit. Then, consciously practice the habit loop. The more often you do this, the sooner it will become automatic. Here’s how to get started:

1. Choose a behaviour you want to convert into a habit, such as going to a yoga class after work twice a week.

2. Identify the cue that will signal it’s time to carry out that chosen action. For example, set a reminder on your phone to leave work in time to attend the class.

3. Choose your reward – how you will benefit from the behaviour? It could be the feeling of calm you experience after the class.