What’s motivating you?

Remember your ‘why’ and explore simple ways to keep your goals front of mind…
Published 11 December, 2018

What sparked your wellness journey? Maybe you wanted to get back into your favourite jeans, be more active or tackle a health issue. We all have different reasons to embrace a healthier lifestyle – and we call those reasons our ‘why’. It’s not about the goal itself, it’s the motivation behind it. Take a moment to pause and think about what the benefits of a healthier lifestyle will mean to you. Imagine wearing those jeans on a night out, crossing the finish line at a 5k event, keeping up with the kids, or being able to reduce diabetes medication. The more detailed you make your ‘why’, the more powerful it can be. Try these steps to discover your ‘why’…


Ask, ‘Why do I want to get healthier?’ For example, you might be tired of feeling out of breath when walking.


Dig deep and ask yourself how change could make your life better. For example, you could walk further, climb stairs more easily and say ‘yes’ to fun things more often.


Make it yours by asking yourself again, ‘Why do I want to get healthier?’ Take your time and think about it, then answer with a specific, positive response that’s meaningful to you. For example: ‘I want to feel fitter so I can enjoy spending quality time with family and friends.’