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Whether you’re an Digital Member (or just in need of an extra boost outside of WW Workshops), there’s a whole network of friendship and support online. Just take it from these members…
Published 9 July, 2018

Laura Meyer finds support through her blog Skinny Kitchen Secrets:

‘I carry my “then” picture with me wherever I go. But since joining WW, I’ve found that cooking is my main hobby. In fact, it takes up just about all of my free time! I started my blog as a kind of personal recipe book, but it’s grown so much that I’ve now been able to connect with over half a million followers. Those members are an even more powerful motivation for staying on track than that photo stashed in my handbag.’

Alisha Maddison’s Instagram account, aka mrs_madds_ww helps motivate her:

‘Taking photos of my meals really makes me think about what I’m putting in my body, and I feel accountable to my followers. It also motivates me to try out new recipes and ingredients, so I don't rely on convenience food!’

Launa Senior says sharing old pics on her Instagram account reminds her how far she’s come:

‘Someone had taken a pic of me at my fiancé Rob’s birthday, a week before I joined WW, when I was at my heaviest. Rob’s mum shared it on Facebook, and at first I wanted to ask her to delete it, but I’m glad I didn’t because it’s something that shows just how far I’ve come. I have an Instagram account – ww_veggielhs which has given me an amazing support network, and although I’ve never met them, they spur me on.’