5 instant body confidence fixes

Learning to love your body starts here.
Published 25 April, 2016

Feeling good isn’t just about how you look on the outside – happiness and self-confidence come from within. Try these 5 body confidence tips from the WW magazine


1. Hold your head high​


According to research, standing tall not only makes you look better, it helps you feel more confident too. ‘Everyone looks best when they stand up straight,’ says psychologist Honey Langcaster-James. ‘Imagine there’s a thread pulling your head up. The same applies when you’re sitting – make sure your spine’s straight and your shoulders are back.’


2. Shake out tension


‘If you feel tense and unsure of yourself, you’ll hold yourself stiffly, which tends to draw attention to the body parts you’re least happy with,’ explains body language expert Judi James. Tension often shows in the shoulders, so roll them gently back and push them down. Make a long neck, but without looking rigid. Then, breathe out slowly to release any tension in your body.


3. Do something just for you


Our lives are so busy that we often put ourselves last in the pecking order, which can leave us feeling as though we don’t matter. Every day, do something just for you that makes you feel good, whether it’s a relaxing bath or simply taking the time to have a peaceful five minute walk around the block.


4. Define ‘attractive’ on your own terms


We’re constantly surrounded by images of what is perceived to be beautiful. But instead of looking outside and comparing, look inside and find your own individual strengths to feel confident about. Struggling? Ask a friend or your partner to identify one thing they find attractive about you. You’ll be surprised at the little things others see.


5. Write it down


Write a list of what you’ve done today to make you feel good, and what you liked about yourself. When someone gives you a compliment about something you’ve done or how great you’re looking, write that down, too. During low confidence moments, say each of these things out loud to yourself. The more you practise surrounding yourself with positive thoughts about yourself and your body, the more you could boost your self-esteem.