3 tips to empower the women in your life – and yourself – this International Women's Day

Who run the world? GIRLS! Get your Beyoncé on with these three tips to empower yourself & others this International Women's Day.
Published 20 February, 2017

Happy International Women's Day!


On International Women’s Day (and every other day!) it’s important to build up the ladies in your life, whether that’s your mum, sister, daughter, or even yourself.

Here’s how to inspire confidence and strength…


1. Give compliments

It’s something that might not seem important, but a quick compliment can make almost anyone feel more confident and positive. And it’s not just about complimenting others: with 42 per cent of women admitting to never complimenting themselves, it’s a good idea to think a few positive thoughts about yourself, too. Raising yourself – and the women you love – up with compliments will go a long way to making everyone feel more confident.


2. Work together

Encouraging one another throughout your weight loss journeys, collaborating on healthy recipes, or even starting a project together – working with other women will build a sense of community and help you to empower each other to succeed through positive teamwork. Whatever it is, you can do it!


3. Participate

Have a girlfriend who runs her own business? Is your mum interested in running a 5k? Does your daughter have a school play coming up? Support them by taking an interest in their activities – whether that means offering to help out or just encouraging them along the way. Not only will it inspire confidence in them and their ventures, it could also help you feel more positive in yourself.