What's your snacking style?

From quick energy bursts to lasting satisfaction, find out which healthy snacks work best for you.
Published 17 September, 2018

Healthy snacks guidance

Whatever your snacking style happens to be, you don’t have to change it. Just make sure your munching is mindful, that you measure the portion sizes of all your snacks and most importantly, that you track them. Tracking your snacks will help ensure you keep within your Points® allowance.

It’s even better if you can plan your snacking, rather than having to make decisions on the fly, when you fancy a snack. For example, if you usually feel like you need an energy boost after work, pack a WW savoury snack in your bag and make sure you account for it in your Points allowance.

Not sure what type of snacker you are? Read on to identify your individual snacking style and pick up some great healthy snacking advice to suit your needs.

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Snack-style 1: ‘I want to eat a lot!’

If you like eating larger snacks, think bang for your buck – you can keep the volume high and Points low with snacks like air-popped popcorn, baby carrots and salsa, or rice crackers and cherry tomatoes.

Snack-style 2: ‘I need some quick energy!’

Nutritious carbohydrates are your best bet – they will give you an energy boost and keep you going for longer than a high-sugar food. Try some wholemeal crackers, a small tub of natural yoghurt with fresh fruit, a banana, or a slice of wholemeal toast with ricotta and honey.

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Snack-style 3: ‘I prefer snacks that take a while to eat’

You can gobble down a chocolate in seconds, but water ice blocks or frozen grapes take longer to eat. A piping hot cappuccino or steaming mug of tea can also do the trick.

Snack-style 4: ‘I need a snack that will tide me over for hours’

A lollipop may take a while to eat but its high-sugar dose will be used up in a flash. High-fibre snacks that contain some protein, on the other hand, can stave off hunger for the long haul. Great options include Ryvita crispbread with cottage cheese and tomato, a hard-boiled egg, or a small handful of nuts.

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Snack-style 5: ‘I just need to keep my hands busy’

When emotional eating kicks in and you’ve tried a non-food activity like a walk but it hasn't done the trick, opt for snacks that take some time to prepare: pistachios in the shell, fruit you have to peel (try a whole mango), or a sundae made with yoghurt, chopped fruit and a small amount of cereal.

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