What to choose from the Pizza Hut Restaurants menu if you want to lose weight

YES, you can eat pizza on WW! Scroll down to discover our top picks from the Pizza Hut Restaurants menu, from fabulous flatbreads to mouth-watering melts.
Published 18 August, 2023

We've given the Pizza Hut menu the famous Points™ treatment.

It's National Pizza Day (read: best day ever) on 9th February. In recognition of a whole day dedicated to pizza, we've teamed up with Pizza Hut Restaurants and created a Points® guide to their mouth-watering menu.

Pizza is absolutely on the menu for WW members - you can eat whatever you like, as long as you stick to your daily Points® Budget. Our flexible, customised weight loss plans are designed for real life, which means you can eat what you love, eat out at your favourite restaurants and still lose weight.

Because quite frankly, we’re not interested in any weight loss plan where you can’t eat pizza. 

Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain, best known for their Deep Pan pizza, extensive salad bar and famous Ice Cream Factory. First established in the UK over 40 years ago, it's a pizza lover's paradise, and today the chain offers even more choice with Low Cal Flatbreads, and dedicated vegan and gluten-free menus.

With options that fit into your daily Budget - and some you may need to use your weeklies and rollovers for - there's plenty to choose from as a WW member. We've definitely got our eye on their flatbreads...

Without further ado, it's time to tuck into the Pizza Hut Restaurants menu!

Please note: this article refers to menu items available in Pizza Hut Restaurants, rather than the delivery menu where products and Points values may differ. 


We'll get to starters in just a minute, but first, let's talk flatbreads.

Pizza Hut Restaurant's amazing range of flatbreads are made using their thinnest base ever, then loaded with tasty toppings. And the best news? They all clock in at under 550 calories per flatbread and range from 13-18P. Can we book a table, please?

So, if you need a pizza fix but want something low in Points® (P), the pizza Gods have answered your prayers. These flatbreads are a perfect example of how you can eat out at your favourite restaurants and still lose weight. Only one question remains...which one will be your go-to?

  • Virtuous Veg - 13P
  • The Little Flamin Buffalo - 14P
  • Chicken Delight - 14-15P
  • BBQ Chicken 'N' Bacon - 17-18P
  • The Little G.O.A.T - 18P

pizza hut menu


Get your taste buds tingling with a tasty starter to whet your appetite. 

The BBQ chicken wings (which are gluten-free) are 10P.

Or, keep it classic with the garlic bread, which is 18P. With mozzarella cheese it's an additional 8P, bringing the total up to 26P. Why not share with a friend for all the taste but only half the Points?

The Pizza Hut menu is also brilliant at catering for vegans, with plenty of options for starters, mains and desserts. If plant-based spicy Quorn bites sound like a winner, order yourself the new Southern Fried Nuggets for only 7P per portion.

Plus, when you order any main you can fill up at Pizza Hut's famous salad bar for free! Most items will be 0PP on all plans, but you'll need to track things like sauces, coleslaw, bacon pieces and potato salad. Your ZeroPoint™ foods list and the WW app can help you out.

How to track on the WW app: simply scroll to 'Browse restaurants' on your My Day screen, tap 'Restaurant name' and type 'pizza hut' into the search bar, then scroll or search for your meal. Find out more about tracking on the app.


It's time to get down to business with the main attraction - pizza!

  • 4-5P per slice: Veggie individual thin crust (11")
  • 5P per slice: Hawaiian individual thin crust (11"); Vegan Veggie individual thin crust (11"); Supreme individual thin crust (11”)
  • 6P per slice: Margherita individual pan crust (9"); Meat Feast individual pan crust (9”); Chicken Supreme individual pan crust (9”)

Gluten-free? The gluten-free margherita (9” square) is 6PP per slice. Most pizzas can be made on a gluten-free base, but remember to check your Points on the app as they'll vary depending on your choice of pizza.

In the mood for sharing? Give one of these pizzas a try:

  • 6P per slice: Hawaiian sharing thin crust (14")
  • 9P per slice: Veggie Pepperphoni sharing stuffed crust (14")
  • 10P per slice: Hot 'N' Spicy Veg sharing stuffed crust (14")
  • 11P per slice: Meat feast sharing stuff crust (14")


Fancy something cheeky on the side? Tuck into these tasty options that are all oven-baked instead of fried:

  • Jalapeno Poppers : 13P
  • Chicken Bites: 11P
  • Onion Rings: 12P
  • Loaded Nachos: 15P


Got room for dessert? The chocolate chip cookie dough is 34P and the white chocolate & salted caramel cookie dough is 29P.

Get a proper chocolate fix with the hot chocolate brownie for 33P. Share with a friend or tap into your weeklies if you need to - that's what they're there for, after all.

If you'd prefer to finish your meal with something lighter, the Ice Cream Factory ice cream is only 8P per 100g (without toppings and sauces). Now that’s definitely something to smile about!

See the full Pizza Hut Restaurants menu