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Vicky Pattison shares her 7 day lockdown meal plan

WW member Vicky Pattison has been cooking up a storm lately! Here are some of the WW dinner recipes she's loving right now.
Published 23 April, 2020

Are you finding you've got a little more time on your hands during lockdown?

Many of us are spending more time than usual in the kitchen, whipping up homemade bakes like banana bread, and homemade meals made lovingly from scratch.

While it's not ideal, there's a silver lining to everything (if you look hard enough!) and lockdown is giving people the chance to improve their cooking skills, experiment with new ingredients and - since we're struggling to find some of our usual favourites on the shelves - get creative in the kitchen. Try these 6 flourless bakes and 9 breakfast recipes that aren't eggs.


Vicky loves...


Cooking! WW member and much-loved TV personality Vicky Pattison says being in the kitchen is "a real joy" and has been busy creating all sorts of SmartPoints®-friendly dishes during lockdown.

She says: "I’ve found being in my kitchen a real joy, especially at the moment when most of us have a little bit of extra time on our hands. I’ve absolutely loved trying out new recipes! Every night this week, I've picked a recipe in the WW app that I either haven’t made before or was really craving."

Scroll down for a week's worth of healthy, tasty dinners that Vicky has been enjoying right at home.




Chicken dinner (Vicky's own recipe)

No-one knows which day is up at the moment, so why not have a Sunday roast on a Monday?! With all the days blending together, it's a great excuse to enjoy a roast dinner any day of the week. And on the off-chance you know it's Monday? A roast will chase away those Monday blues.



Arrabbiata pizza with mozzarella and oregano (WW recipe, 5SP on all plans, without chips)

When the SmartPoints values are this low, who's to argue with pizza on a Tuesday?



Duck stir fry (WW recipe, 9SP on Green and Blue, 4SP on Purple)

Bursting with spring greens, this colourful stir-fry is bursting with seasonal flavours and perfect for enjoying on a warm evening.



Sticky peanut butter chicken and rice (WW recipe, 9SP on Green, 8SP on Blue, 8SP on Purple)

If you're missing restaurant food at the moment, cook yourself a 'fakeaway'. Lime juice adds a zesty tang to this tasty take on satay chicken.




Chicken with pesto pasta (WW recipe, 10SP on Green, 8SP on Blue, 3SP on Purple)

Looking for a new Friday favourite? Soft cheese and pesto make this simple dish irresistibly creamy and flavoursome.



Chicken teriyaki (WW recipe, 4SP on Green without rice, 3SP on Blue and Purple without rice, 10SP on Green with rice, 9SP on Blue and Purple with rice)

Add brown rice to this colourful Japanese-style dish for a filling and wholesome meal you'll come back to time and time again.

Vicky says: "We’re missing our Japanese and Chinese meals out...I don’t know if you can tell?!"




Lamb kebabs with WW Protein Wrap, salad, roasted peppers and hummus (Vicky's own recipe)

Whether you fire up the barbecue or get the grill going, lamb kebabs are both seasonal and delicious. Add a WW Protein Wrap to stay fuller for longer, and a colourful side salad to ramp up those springtime vibes.

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