Your ultimate guide to enjoying Thai cuisine

An expert's tips for staying on track without sacrificing flavour.
Published 28 April, 2023

Thai food menus are filled with veggies, lean proteins, and lots of flavour. Thai food provides an opportunity to lean into your ZeroPoint foods without sacrificing on flavour.

Tips for ordering Thai takeaway

Go with lean protein
Thai menus often offer the same dish with a choice of meats and proteins, but not all are equal. Pick skinless chicken breast for a protein boost without a lot of saturated fat. Thai cuisine also presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy a vegetarian meal (toss in some tofu if you’d like). With so many bold flavours, chances are you won’t even miss the meat.

Hold the nuts
A sprinkling of nuts is fine, but peanut sauce delivers a concentration of calories and fat, with at least 2 Points per tablespoon. Ask for a side of hot chilli sauce instead. It will add big flavour at little to no caloric cost.

Be a heat-seeker
Like your food hot? Thai food is renowned for its fiery flavours, and studies show that spicy dishes may help burn a few more calories. The spiciness forces you to slow down when eating, as well as to quench your thirst with water – so don’t be afraid to pile on the chillies!

Choose rice wisely
Rice is the foundation of Thai cuisine. You’ll find Thai jasmine rice, sticky rice, plain white rice and brown rice, which is becoming increasingly popular in Thai cuisine.

Go for nutrient-dense starters
Some of the healthiest dishes of Thai cuisine are soups and salads. They’re also the perfect meal starter. A broth-based soup with veggies or seafood will help to fill you up without spending a lot of Points. Sharing apps with the table? “Opt for chicken satay or spring rolls which will give you a little protein to get started.

Know your coconuts
Coconut, whether it’s flakes, milk or cream, can make a cameo at any course in Thai cuisine. The flavour is delicious, but you are adding extra calories and saturated fat to the meal. If that signature coconut flavour is a must, choose coconut milk over cream, and flaked coconut over milk.

Eat what you love
Yes, going out to eat may have a bigger impact on your Points budget than cooking from home. But, going out or ordering takeout gives you an opportunity to eat something you wouldn't make in your own kitchen or try a new dish.