Our 6 favourite baked potato fillings

From smoky bean to tuna melt, these jacket potato fillings are colourful, easy and delicious.
Published 27 July, 2023

The humble baked potato - so simple, and yet one of life's greatest pleasures (when it comes to the dinner table, anyway).

Sure, jacket potatoes make warming winter meals, but they're so versatile that they can easily be transformed into a lovely lunch or delicious dinner in the summer months too.

You can't go wrong with a baked potato - just add your favourite topping (meat, fish, beans, cheese, veggies, salad...) and you've got a cheap, cheerful and satisfying meal.

And they're Points®-friendly too! Scroll down for 6 baked potato recipes that will feed the whole family. 

Entertaining? Check out these mini baked potatoes which have a variety of fillings for simple, tasty canapes.