Find a fitness buddy

Getting active is great fun, but it’s even better with a friend!
Published 26 February, 2019

Physical activities, whether they’re a gym session or team sport, can be much more fun and rewarding when you’re being cheered on by others along the way. And according to research, receiving support and encouragement from others has been shown to help people move more*. But there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to motivation. Everyone is different, and it’s important to find the kind of support that works for you.

What’s right for you?

Team player

Do you get swept up in team spirit? You might enjoy taking part in a group activity, such as an exercise class, hiking with a local club, or joining a local netball team.

Shared goals

Do you thrive on personal encouragement? Find someone with a similar fitness goal to you and check in with them weekly – in person or on Connect. Or, book a few sessions with a personal trainer to give you some one-on-one support.

Buddy up

If you enjoy being active in good company, meet a friend for a regular walk or fitness class. Or, make it a walk-and-talk catch up by calling them while you both build up your daily step count.

Think of who could help you to move more and choose a strategy to try. Then, make an effort to take a specific step towards that goal.