Get fit together!

Want to get active and stay that way? Get your group on! Grab a fitness buddy or join a group exercise class or team, and tap into the power of togetherness
Published 17 July, 2017

Try… a team sport
Group sports, like netball, are not only a great way to meet new people, they can also help improve cardiovascular fitness and build endurance. And because you’re working as part of a team, you’ll also develop better communication skills and confidence. From school classics – think rounders, hockey, or rugby – to new ideas like roller derby and softball, there are plenty of team sports to choose from and just 30 minutes of any one of them could earn you around 3 FitPoints®*.

You’ll love it if… you're competitive.

Sign up with… a friend or join a team on your own – you’ll meet new friends there.

Try…an obstacle course
These intense physical events can push you to the limit, but crossing the finish line as part of a team gives you a huge adrenaline buzz and sense of achievement. Training for these events could give you a good cardio workout and help you strengthen and tone muscles, as well as earn you around 3 FitPoints* per session. And, while you can run these courses solo, you’ll still be encouraged to work with others around you – giving you physical and emotional support along the way.

You’ll love it if… you like a challenge.

Sign up with… a team of friends, work colleagues, or fellow members. Kids can join some events too.

Try… dance classes
High-energy, salsa, street, or ballet-inspired, there’s bound to be a class for you – and because they’re fun and social, you’re sure to never miss a session. Dance can also improve cardio fitness, balance and flexibility, as well as boost your confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing, and earn you around 3 FitPoints*.

You’ll love it if… you like a party.

Sign up with… your partner or a group of friends.

Try… water workouts
Live near a local pool or leisure centre? Check out what water-based workouts they have on offer. Many now have aqua circuits or Aqua Zumba classes – both of which give your muscles a new challenge while putting less impact on joints, and earning you around 3 FitPoints*. Plus, as you’ll be splashing as part of a group, you’ll have others around you to keep you motivated.

You’ll love it if… you want a low-impact exercise or a new twist on an old favourite.

Sign up with… your fitness buddy.

Try… a charity challenge
Walking, running, cycling, climbing or swimming for charity with like-minded friends or family can help you achieve personal goals while creating special memories. And because you’ll be training for something close to your heart, you’ll be more likely to keep going – especially as you’ll earn around 3 FitPoints* for every half an hour you train! Many charities even offer free training plans for events they’re involved in, so take advantage if one is available. Some of the most popular charity events include Race for Life, Shine Night Walk, Do it for Charity London to Brighton Cycle Ride, Great North Swim and Three Peaks challenge.

You’ll love it if… you don’t like exercise and need extra motivation.

Sign up with… anyone! Together you can raise money for a cause that’s special to you.  

*FitPoints based on a 10st person exercising at moderate intensity for 30 minutes