5 ways to prep for a fitness challenge

Doing a 5k or taking on a fun run? Whatever your challenge, here’s how to prepare (even at the last minute!)
Published 15 May, 2018
1. Don’t overdo it

It might be tempting to cram in a few training sessions the week before your event, but it’s actually better to scale your fitness routine back. You’ll avoid unnecessary injury and your body will also have a chance to rest, so you’re in the best possible shape (and have the most energy possible) to complete your challenge.

2. Get your gear together

Feeling nervous or starting early? Sort out your clothes, shoes and anything else you might need (like your race number or water bottle) the night before. That way, you’ll be able to focus on the event on the big day without forgetting anything important.

3. Keep it simple

Before your event, make sure you fuel up with a light breakfast. You don’t need anything crazy – porridge with skimmed milk or wholewheat toast with an egg will do – but it’s a good idea to have food in your belly to keep your energy up. Eat your meal about two hours before you start.

4. Warm up and cool down

To stay in top shape during the event, do some quick warm-up exercises, such as jogging on the spot, to wake up your muscles and get your blood pumping. And when you’ve finished, cool down with some light stretches to help your body recover.

5. Don’t worry about time

Whether it’s your first fitness challenge or your hundredth, it’s not about hitting your personal best – it’s about participating! Reaching the finish line is a huge achievement, so remember that it’s okay to walk, slow down or even stop when you need to. Don’t beat yourself up for going at your own pace.