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Join the #WW5kMyWay

We're inviting all Weight Watchers members, family and friends to come together and make 9-10 June their 5k goal weekend.

Activity gives you incredible health benefits, reduces stress, helps you feel comfortable in your own skin, boosts your energy… and it helps you maintain weight loss, too.
That’s a win-win followed by more wins.

Our approach to fitness is simple: it’s about pleasure, not pressure. 

Do what you like, when you like, as often as you can. To help boost your activity plans, we're inviting members, family and friends to make 9-10 June your 5k goal weekend. Whether you cover your 5k by jogging in the park, walking along the river, cycling around town or swimming in your local lido; how you go the distance is entirely up to you.

We'd love to hear all about it too! Share your experience on our social media channels using the hashtags: 

#WW5kMyWay and #MyWWJourney

Get 5k ready with advice from fitness expert Jennie