Wedding planning tips

Start keeping a detailed wedding planner in a folder or scrapbook. Note all the tasks you have ahead of you, no matter how small - from florist planning to suit fittings and make-up trials.

"Make sure that you have everything covered," says Sam Araz, professional wedding planner and director of The Social Butterfly. "It helps you maintain clarity and keep an eye on things from a budget point of view. So many people are offering you wedding services, it's good to keep a record and a timeline of milestones, like speaking to the registrar and booking the venue." 

A wedding planner folder can act as a scrapbook of ideas, as well as a book of memoirs of colour schemes, dress and cake design decisions that you have made. "A wedding plan is fun to do and captures the mood of the day," adds Araz. 

Share the tasks
Organising a wedding is hard (but fun) work, so don't be afraid to ask the relatives and friends you trust for a helping hand. Once you have made your initial to-do list or planner - delegate. "Weddings have become productions with rehearsal dinners and they often take up a whole weekend. If you can't delegate it can potentially be very stressful, and by the time you get married you will have experienced many a 'bride-zilla' moment!" says Araz.

Eat, sleep and be merry
A healthy bride is a happy bride - a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and taking regular exercise are the best stress busters. Eating five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables each day will boost the immunity and promote radiant bridal skin. Cutting down on stimulants, like caffeine and alcohol, will help you sleep better before the big day - and exercise will help promote the stress-busting feel-good factor. 

Make some 'me time'
Take time out before the wedding, especially in the intense last couple of weeks before, to talk or think about something else. "Every bride wants to look and feel her best, so some 'bride time' is absolutely essential. Go out for one evening a week and do not talk about the wedding. Relax with your friends and your partner - take a step back before and during your wedding day to take things in," says Araz.

Pamper yourself
Factor in some time each week in the run up to the wedding to indulge yourself, whether it be a long bath with your favourite essential oils or a spa treatment. If budget allows, take a weekend spa break - this could even double up as a hen weekend. "Go for a massage, shopping trip or just turn your mobile phone off and read a book for a while," advises Araz.