Our Veggie & Vegan cookbook is on its way…

And it’s packed with plant-based awesomeness.

In the spirit of National Vegetarian Week, which runs between 13th and 19th May this year, we’re giving you a sneak peek of our brand new cookbook Veggie & Vegan.

National Vegetarian Week aims to highlight the benefits of a vegetarian diet, and how tasty it can be - so there’s no better time to introduce you to our new cookbook, which showcases 46 delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes!

Veggie & Vegan will be available in Workshops and on the WW Shop from mid-June for just £8.95.

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Vegetarian and vegan recipes


Colourful, varied and delicious - vegetables take centre stage in this book, which is packed with easy-to-make meal ideas that could become your go-to recipes!

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or just want to switch up your meal plan with a few meat-free dishes, you’ll find plenty of recipes inside that are simple and satisfying.

We’ve come up with some really tasty plant-based twists on your favourite meals, such as our amazing vegan fry-up, smoky aubergine chilli, tofu nuggets and even vegan ice cream!

All of them have been tried and tested, and each one includes the SmartPoints® value to make it easy for you to fit them into your eating plan.

In the meantime, click here for 12 fantastic veggie meals. From gnocchi to lasagna and colourful twists on burgers, our yummy vegetarian recipes will appeal to even the biggest meat eaters!