Health & wellbeing

Stuck in a rut?

We hear you! Shake up your day-to-day routine with these simple tweaks from experts and members

Try a new exercise: ‘I used to cycle to work, so weight dropped off at the start, but I hit a wall and found it hard to lose more, says member Maria, ‘I then decided to start running for the first time. I got to goal and have since signed up for a 10k!’

Keep smiling: Positive thinking is contagious, so catch up with your happiest friends, who will help to inspire you again, says Emma Kenny, psychologist and registered psychological therapist. ‘On social sites like Facebook and Twitter, only follow people who make optimistic, joyful and inspiring posts. Avoid the people who make glum posts that drain the get-up-and-go out of you,’ she says.

Take a new approach: When member Louise plateaued, she was ready to throw in the towel. ‘But my Coach encouraged me and made me her “buddy” for the next week,’ she says. ‘We would text each other every day with what we’d eaten. I was thrilled to go back to losing again in the following two weeks.’

Think, ‘what if?’: Short-term goals, like fitting into an outfit or hitting the next stone bracket, are a great way to break up your journey. But to stay inspired after you reach those goals, Emma Kenny suggests asking yourself some deeper, tougher questions, such as: ‘If I stop living healthily, how will I feel six months from now?’ or ‘If I stop living healthily, how will it affect my family?’ When you need a jolt to get back on track, remind yourself of your answers.

Cast your mind back: ‘When the scales weren’t budging, I went back through my food journals to see what had worked for me in the past. I then repeated those days,’ says member Sarah.

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