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The secrets of our success!

The winners of the Weight Watchers Awards 2016 reveal some of the key things that helped them find success on their weight loss journeys…

Tracey Johnson
Love Your Leader Award winner
My Fitbit: ‘It’s one of the best things ever invented and I very rarely take mine off. I’m actually a little bit addicted and even wear it with my nightie! I love taking part in challenges with friends and when I haven’t reached my goal of 8,000 steps by the end of the day, you’ll find me running on the spot in the house.’

Amy Williams
Social Champion Award winner
My underwear ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos: ‘When you’re losing weight, you don’t really feel the difference; you’re living with it every day. But when you see the comparison pictures? Wow! It’s unbelievable. It was my husband Michael’s idea to take the photos every four weeks. At first I was like, “No way!” – I felt so exposed – but he convinced me and I put my trust in him.’

Caron Hare
Whole New Me Award winner
A smaller item of clothing: ‘When I joined Weight Watchers, I was a size 20 but bought a size-12 dress I planned to wear to a wedding the following year. I'd look at it whenever I was struggling and it inspired me to carry on. I got to wear the dress to the wedding and I felt amazing!’

Jo Wyld
Motivational Meeting Award winner
Butternut squash chips: ‘These are brilliant for when I’ve got a hankering for chips but don’t want the pounds that a plate of potatoes brings. I just cut up a butternut squash, mist with oil and pop in my ActiFry. They’re delicious!’

John Campbell
Inspiring Achievement Award winner
Warburtons Thins, Weight Watchers Crisps and Liquorice Sweets: ‘Certain food swaps have really helped me stay on track. In my 20s, I could eat half a loaf of bread in one go but I’ve virtually given up on bread now. If I do fancy a sandwich, I’ll use Warburtons Thins instead – they’re lower in SmartPoints. Then, if there’s cake going round at work, I’ll have a couple of Weight Watchers Liquorice Sweets or a bag of crisps instead.’

Amanda Wood
Oprah Award for Everlasting Positivity winner
Weight Watchers Connect: ‘I love the fact that everyone on the social network is on the same journey. When I’m having a bad day, I’ll go on Connect and immediately I’m surrounded by lots of support.’