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Robbie Williams: "I changed the way I thought"

Think you can't get healthy in lockdown? Think again. For WW member Robbie Williams, it all started with mindset.

Getting healthy may seem like an impossible task right now, and the last thing on your mind.

However, it might be easier than you think.


Getting healthy in lockdown


We're all being asked to stay at home at the moment, to stop the spread of COVID-19. Here's how to kickstart healthy habits during lockdown:

Eat better: Being at home more, and potentially having more time on your hands, may give you the opportunity to spend time meal planning, cooking healthy meals from scratch and experimenting with new ingredients.

Move more: The lovely spring weather we've been enjoying lately is a great excuse to get outside and earn some FitPoints. Got a garden? Great! If not, most parks are still open, or you could go for a walk around your local area.

Shift your mindset: For WW member Robbie Williams, building healthy habits starts with mindset. "I changed the way I thought. It's all about mindset with absolutely everything," he says. Watch the video below to get motivated and think about how you can refresh your mindset, and start living a healthier lifestyle.