Fitness & workouts

Quiz! Which hobby is right for you?

Keeping your brain active is just as important as keeping your body moving. But what kind of activity should you choose? Find out below…

How would you rather spend your weekend?
A. At a fancy dress party with friends
B. Doing something active, like going on a bike ride
C. Curled up with a book or crossword puzzle

You’re decorating your bedroom. How will it look?
A. On-trend patterned paper and lots of personal touches
B. Bright, happy colours
C. Neutral tones and metallic finishes

How do you get to work or school?
A. Public transport  
B. By foot
C. By car

There’s a fun run in town. How will you participate?
A. Make banners to cheer on your friends
B. Run it!
C. Volunteer at the finish line to help out the organisers

You’re on holiday. What do you do first?
A. Take pictures of everything
B. Jump in the ocean or pool
C. Scope out the area to discover all the hotspots and top restaurants

Mostly As: Something creative
You’re someone who’s inspired by the world around you and you like to express yourself. Adult colouring books and dot-to-dots are a good option, but you might also like to try a more hands-on hobby, like jewellery making or pottery. Check out your local community centre or school to see if they offer creative classes, or search online for Craft Courses near you.

Mostly Bs: Something energising
You like being active, and find it difficult to sit still. A new fitness class could help keep you busy and increase your activity levels too. But if you’re not into the gym, you could join a running club, start cycling to work, or find a ramblers’ group near you.

Mostly Cs: Something organised
You’re a strategic thinker and like solving problems as they come your way. Techy hobbies could be just the thing for you. Check out local workshops or online courses and test your skills in things like coding or website design. Not quite your thing? Baking and cooking require precision too; try making DIY sugar-free jam or tackling a cream-free curry recipe.