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How to create a new routine when you’re stuck at home

If your day-to-day life is looking a little different these days, you’re not alone.

It used to go something like this: wake up, get ready, drop kids off, commute to work. Repeat.

Now that our typical routine is disrupted, it’s suddenly more challenging to maintain a sense of normalcy, and the healthy habits we’ve worked hard to achieve.

But the more we stick to a new routine, the easier (and more automatic) it becomes. Having structure and consistency will help you create a new normal to balance *all the things*.   


3 fast facts


1. Consistent routines add structure to our days, which can help us feel grounded and maintain healthy habits. That becomes especially important when things feel out of our control or when we have a lot of free time on our hands. 

2. We’re more likely to overeat when we’re out of our typical routines, and we’re less likely to view that as a setback. 

3. Creating routines helps us balance our daily “must-dos,” what we enjoy, and how we take care of our health, like eating healthier, being active, and getting enough sleep. 


Try this technique


Use the steps below to help add structure to your day.


1. Decide what’s important


Make a list of what really matters to you. Maybe it’s daily work responsibilities, keeping your family happy (and occupied), or staying on track with your goals to eat well, be active, and take care of your mindset. Be sure to include both what you need and want to do.  

2. Adapt activities


Was Thursday night your go-to happy hour outing with friends? Don’t change that! Invite your buddies to a FaceTime version - and virtually cheers. Have an“I’ll do it someday” list? This is a great time to tackle it. Start a daily meditation practice or clean out that hall cupboard. 

3. Make a plan


Once you know what you want to do, make a schedule. Start tomorrow. Post it on your fridge or somewhere easy to see. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself as you get used to things; it takes time to get into a new groove. And don’t be afraid to make changes along the way!  


Example daily schedule


We created an example schedule and template below. Take a stab at creating your own - then, share it with us on Instagram @ww!