Our brand new Eggs cookbook has arrived!

Available in Workshops or the WW shop for just £5.95.

For quick, tasty meals, it’s hard to beat the humble egg.

Whether you like them scrambled, whipped up into an omelette or even on top of a pizza, the possibilities are endless.

Packed with protein, simple to cook and incredibly versatile, eggs are truly a must-have ingredient. If you have a few eggs to hand, you’re just a few steps away from a tasty and nourishing meal.

Our brand new cookbook celebrates the amazing egg, featuring 36 cracking recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner - plus some snacks and desserts as an added bonus.

From baked French toast to pad Thai omelette and Portuguese-style custard tarts, this little book is bursting with eggy inspiration.  

And because eggs are a ZeroPoint™ food, they make it easy for you to stick to your SmartPoints® Budget.

Pick up your copy at your local WW Workshop or on the WW shop for just £5.95! 

In the meantime, scroll down for egg-based tips and recipes - plus the full list of 200+ ZeroPoint foods.

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