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She’s here! Lorraine Kelly, welcome to the WW family.

Lorraine Kelly (off the telly) is ready to get healthier. Are you ready to join her?

“When I’m the best version of me I’m confident. I love life more and I don't want to hide away. I’m a better wife, better mum, and better friend.”

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Lorraine’s journey so far

This may not be Lorraine’s first WW rodeo, but the nation’s favourite breakfast TV presenter and magazine columnist is now firmly back in the health and wellness saddle and all over our app, tracking, and Personal Points programme. The impact of lockdown (comfort eating, lack of energy, getting cosy on the sofa with a “chocolate plate”) means like all of us, Lorraine is ready to reset her goals and “get back into my favourite outfits, while also getting back my sparkle and joy”.

Image of Lorraine Kelly smiling on her sofa holding a phone

Lorraine’s “why”

The impact of two years of the pandemic has also given her time to reflect on the fallout of her daily routine, so why is now the time to make a change?

“I’ve been comfort eating, drinking a few glasses of wine in the evenings and spending too much time on my bum. For me, it’s all about good health and being happy with how you are. I was at my fittest four-years-ago, and I look forward to feeling like that again - the best version of me.”

Image of Lorraine Kelly cutting vegetables in Kitchen

More about Lorraine

On Menopause

“For a while I kind of lost myself. It’s like going a bit bonkers. We all need to work together to break the stigma. If you’re having a hot flush, you should be able to say that without embarrassment. Let’s normalise it!”
On the WW app
“It’s so easy to get set up and going. The tips, the stories, the tracking…. It’s all there, right in front of you. I know what I should be doing, but when I can track it in the app, I actually understand it better.”
On life
“It’s about the whole package. Feeling better inside and out. We all just want to be the best version of ourselves.”
As our newest ambassador for WW, Lorraine will be sharing her wellness journey, and will be talking about her lifestyle changes with that trademark honesty and humour we know and love on the WW app, website and social channels. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter to stay connected to her journey, whether she's working, traveling or at home. We’re thrilled to have Lorraine back in our WW family and are so pleased that we've have the opportunity to support her towards getting that sparkle back.