What do I need to do to reach the phase of the plan called maintenance?

Typically, a person goes into maintenance when he or she reaches goal weight. Technically, you can choose to enter maintenance at any time, even if you are not at your weight goal. You can do this via your Plan Manager Settings.

The main difference between losing weight and maintaining it is the way you measure your success: in the weight loss phase, you measure your success in terms of pounds lost; in the maintenance phase, your success is based upon being able to maintain your weight.

The goal of maintenance is to keep your weight steady by finding the level of food you can eat without losing or gaining weight. You'll adjust your daily PointsPlus® Target gradually week-by-week until you find a target that's right for you.

When you enter Maintenance, you'll get instructions in the Plan Manager on how to do this.

The best way to gauge which new PointsPlus Target is right for you is when you remain within two pounds of your weight goal for three consecutive weeks.

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