Your 7-Day Dinner Plan: Low SmartPoints® Dinners

These delicious dinners, all for 5 SmartPoints® or less, are guaranteed to satisfy.
Published October 6, 2021

Whatever the reason, sometimes you need your end-of-day meal to clock in under a certain number of SmartPoints—and these seven simple dinners answer the call!

For 5 SmartPoints or fewer for Green, Blue, and Purple, these recipes still manage to satisfy by relying on lean proteins like chicken, chickpeas, and seafood. They're also loaded with a ton of flavour, plus an abundance of fill-you-up fruits and veggies.

Our fresh and tropical take on a Cobb salad features a spicy rub on the chicken that pairs perfectly with sweet, juicy pineapple and a tangy lime dressing, plus crispy radishes and sweet tomatoes.

Continue to make the most of your grill by cooking up some ultra-simple salmon burgers seasoned with scallions and paired with a fruity salsa that makes the most of summer-ripe peaches.

And if you're in the mood for Mediterranean flavours, swing over to Greece for a no-cook salad recipe featuring tuna, crunchy cucumbers, briny capers, and peppery arugula tossed in a bright lemon vinaigrette.

No matter which dinner recipe you choose, you're guaranteed to enjoy big flavours without breaking your budget.