A toast to Thanksgiving

Stock your bar with these alcohol-free must-haves.
Published September 25, 2018

Thanksgiving is a time of family gatherings, mom’s famous mashed potatoes, sharing gratitude, and toasting the season with your loved ones.

Whether you are watching your SmartPoints, avoiding alcohol, or just want to offer an alternative bevvy choice to your friends and family, a well-stocked bar is one replete with alcohol-free options. Just in time for this season’s biggest family dinner, we have a great selection of menu items that pair perfectly with Hill Street Beverage Co.’s wines and beer.

Read on for some menu-planning inspiration.


Casual bites

Noshable nibbles pair well with the crisp and clean Designated Draft. This refreshing beer is a great casual entry to your Thanksgiving fete. Pair with single-serve hors d’oeurves that play with bold fall flavours .

Great greens

The delicate notes of Vin(Zero) Chardonnay are the perfect accompaniment to your salad course. The fruity flavours and creamy mouthfeel pair perfectly with the herbaceous and subtle flavours in these salads.

The Main Course

There’s a reason Thanksgiving is affectionately known as 'Turkey Day’ – it’s the star of the show! Whether you are serving a traditional whole-roasted and stuffed bird, a breast, or maybe even a vegetarian centrepiece, the main course is usually one full of fantastic fall flavours. Pair it with Vin(Zero) Merlot, a classic food-friendly wine with a velvety mouthfeel and lively fruit-filled body.

Save the best for last

Hope you saved room for dessert! From pumpkin pie to apple crisp, everyone has their favourite fall dessert that makes an appearance at Thanksgiving. Pro tip: cut the richness of dessert with a crisp and refreshing sparkling wine. Serve Vin(Zero) Brut alongside your dessert this holiday.