Summer Fruit Desserts

9 fresh, flavourful and super-easy desserts for the season.
Published August 15, 2016


The best thing about summer? The sunlight? The long days? The slower pace? Maybe it's the fruit. There's nothing quite like ripe berries, juicy peaches and sweet plums. 

Better still, simple recipes for turning summer fruits into amazing desserts. Because they're so flavourful already, you don't need much effort to take these fruits over the top. They make light, easy treats in no time at all. 

If possible, keep summer fruits on the counter and out of the fridge so they taste as good as they can. Yes, you'll need to buy fewer and shop more often — but the trade-off is worth it. And wash them only when you use them, not when you first get them home from the market. 

After that, there's not much more to it.